"In The Next Room" lyrics


"In The Next Room"

when I saw you lying there
your face so grey
your voice so tired
all the years experienced
now just a moment lost in the
dark corridor of time

the things you left stay a part of me
woven through my memory
they make up the good parts of me
and with that said
you never really went
you will always be with me
just in the next room

I will always remember sitting there
emotion welling up but unable to cry
I felt the second hand slow to a stop
a part of me was lost
drifting away

even though time still moves
in my thoughts your heart is still strong
lights my way keeps me safe
and I will..
never forget the things you taught to me
never forget the time you gave to me
I'll never forget that brief moment of lucidity
when you said to me
never get old

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