"Bones" lyrics



because of you my world lacks colour
because of you I stand broken
although you pretend your life is so dark
you're just a clown acting your your part
living in a fairytale
the walls they built I tore away
hair falling like Rapunzel
only to be pulled from me

because of you I lay in tatters
exposed to my nightmares
because of you I cursed the memories
of the things that brought me joy
you ripped through me like a tornado
leaving only catastrophe
and to make yourself feel better
you took it all from me

you sat alone
in black and white
the memories fade into the dark

all I am is all you left of me
all I was you took from me

you left me bleeding hurt and screaming
position foetal conscious in and out
my mind is blurring
when you left on that blue Wednesday

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