"None Of Your Business" lyrics


"None Of Your Business"

For all I’ve already lived
All I’ve already done
My eyes covered in shadow
My soul`s way long gone!
I can’t keep up to my goals
Almost gave up on all my dreams
Yeah I was feeling so damn lost
In this hole - I’ve - drown into!

And you were never there
To understand what I’ve been through
Not saying I need salvation
But I can’t stand that much hate!
What if I can’t go on?
I can’t keep it on my own
Please tell me who I’ve got to kill
To make my dreams turn real!

What should I do
Who should I be
Fuck off
I Don’t care what you think of me
What should I do
Who should I be
Fuck off
'Cause my life is…


Now I don’t care if you think
I won’t change if you disagree
You can take your good intentions
And shove them up… Up your ass!
I’m proud of who I am
What makes you think that you’re a man?
I’ve got something to say so
Shut the fuck up I will shout!

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