"High Life" lyrics


"High Life"

All I wanted was a post card
With your name in the left corner
At the bottom it’d say I love you
And the days are getting shorter
But I guess I wasn’t even worth that
Being boiled at the burner in the back

But it really doesn’t bother me
Cause the high life tastes like flat iced tea
I’ll get what I justly deserve
You’ll get the words you’ve never heard

You’ll keep thinking about my problems
I won’t ever try to solve them
Please don’t tell me to stop yelling
“I hope that you change”
Because I know you never will


Search for what you've lost again
Sell at any cost
Give my best to tem
Tell her that I'm going west
I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be lost

Well I hope you find her
Lying in a big green field
Taking in the sun
Dreaming of everyone

Give your heart to him
So he can put it on the shelf
Sometimes he loves you
Sometimes he just forgets again
He just spends his time looking at pretty girls on the internet

I wanna be your friend but you won't let me in

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