"Coca-Cola" lyrics



I'm not looking forwards
and I'm not looking back on all those memories I knew
and the shit like that
sitting on the couch pondering my next move
while the guy next to me heats something up with a spoon
does a line off of a vonnegut book and he says
"Hey man, I'd really like to read that book"

but it's covered in white
it's out of sight
but that's alright

Where are all your mathematical equations?
arithmetics won't help you when the myth comes alive
the thought of you leaving made my boots start to shake
my knees tremble
my hearts to ache
well i know you wanna spend the last weekend on earth
doing crazy shit in the back yard

but that's alright
just spend the night
it's out of sight
you're out of sight

I ain't changing
no I ain't changing

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