"The Story So Far" lyrics


"The Story So Far"

we try to remember the better days
when we find our outlines painted thin
recently it's been getting harder
since we do not know where to begin
spring No.21
will we ever see a brighter one?
a yearbook full of hopes
and a lifetime to understand their jokes
where will we be tomorrow ?
where are we today'
so many people talk about tomorrow
when they havent even finished yesterday
let's make this moment eternity
and cast our fears and duties away
moments are so strong
when we're beyond the shades of right and wrong
to inhale the fresh air of relief
and to overcome the grief
this is
the story so far
make sure you send me a postcard
(the story so far)
when you get to the point
where real life starts
(i wanna know what it's like)
so far we're untitled
chapter 21
and waiting for the things to come

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