"Hey Kids" lyrics


"Hey Kids"

It's all about the duty
Of hating everything
It's all about swallowing
And throwing up again

And everybody's so damn different
And everybody knows one truth

They pledge allegiance to the wise men
And they spread the word
And all the kids are talking but
Nobody's ever heard

And everybody's so self-righteous
And everybody has got an excuse

The kids don't like to share
It's always been that way

It's all about the haircut
And the clothes you wear
And the more they talk about it
The less I care
Because this discoball turns for everyone
But the kids don't seem to understand
There's only room for self-styled saints

And everybody has got the message
As long as nobody understands
And everybody keeps the secret
Until it gets out of their hands

Unity works so perfectly
If nobody's welcome but me
Unity works so perfectly
Let's make it smaller
till we cannot see it anymore

Hey Kids
I hear you talk the talk
But kids don't like to share
You'll never walk the walk
And I don't care

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