"Angel In Snow" lyrics


"Angel In Snow"

She’s the envy of all the passing strangers
Like a living doll and
She’s got her head up so high with eyes like daggers
The girl’s got it all
When night comes it’s dark and she’s dancing all alone
She’s crying and bleeding and broken down to her soul
One Angel In Snow
Thinks you don’t know
She’s the Angel In Snow
Sky sky sky sky
High high high high
Alarm rings
Visine for her eyes and caffeine
Stumbles to the door and she
Puts on her powder mask and costume
But who’s she doing it for
A bubble that’s floating and shining with rainbows
Bursting and falling and dying down to her soul
A rebel
A fighter
She’s got a ride and you know she’s gonna take it
Right out of this town
Cause she’s
Got no one left to try and stop her
Was lost but now found
When night comes it’s dark and still dancing all alone
A bubble that’s growing and blasting off in her soul

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