"The Worst" lyrics


"The Worst"

The steps we take to follow yours are wearing out our shoes
We scratch and cheat to win 'cause we're not brave enough to lose
In the shadows of giants who will one day break our hearts
April passed so fast this year with all December's scars

You didn't know how much that you could love until you felt how bad it hurt
The drive to get back out on top leaves you only feeling worse
Like all bad things that come in threes I'm waiting for what's next
I'm biting off my nails I can't take the suspense

To say we're not alone is a lie
Let's make it right

Your breath can't match the pace that your heart's racing
You can't wrap your head around all that you've lost
They say it's harder to anticipate it coming than to walk with every step
I'll walk with you every step no matter what

To say we're not alone is a lie
Let's make it right

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