"Five And Dime To Hollywood" lyrics


"Five And Dime To Hollywood"

This all was a curse that seemed only getting worse
The blessing was parallel in a city that's living hell
Where the journey and the destination
Are the same stuck in subway stations
If you could be here right now what would you say?
What would you tell me?

This is all we've ever known
This is all we've ever known

I traded my final vice in search of the best advice
While drowning in wasted time to learn that it wasn't my
Battle to win or lose
I could scream 'til my face turns blue
You can live out your life a lie
But never get the best of mine

This is all I have to show
'Til my blue eyes fade to gray and my hands they turn to stone

I can't slow down my breathing
It feels like I'm still leaving
My bleeding heart just skipped a beat
When the hallowed ground under my feet was pulled
From right underneath me
This is what you say not what you believe

With the love from all our mothers tucked and safe
The again faces of our fathers fade away
When your dreams came crashing like the breaking waves
Resounds in all the Eastern States
And echoes to you of what's home no more

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