"Brandywine" lyrics



I’m so much better at conviction
Than I ever could be with apologies
Convinced myself no one can help
While I lost sight of the love in front of me

So long, cause all my days are numbered
And I lived my life in circles chasing dreams and chasing time
To fall asleep with strangers and
Wake up with my closest friends
And fear missing what might happen next

While we weren’t getting any younger
I waited for answers to arrive
Young and naive to think this once went on forever
I’m still holding on despite the curves and divides

So long, cause all my days are numbered
And I walked this extra mile hoping to see you on the way
I stumbled through my darkest days to
face them with my closest friends
Unsure whether to sever my regrets

To every past mistake, wasted kiss
Heartfelt song and friend I miss
I’m gonna chase these days

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