"Wallet Girl" lyrics


"Wallet Girl"

Waitin for the sun to shine
Tryin to get you outta my head
Times may get tough, but don't you worry
Guess I'd kinda like to start
And try my best to get to know you
But what will he think, He's lost you in a blink
What can you do, He's thinkin of someone new - Fool!
I love my wallet girl - Kinda like a cherry swirl
But she don't give me indegestion
You can't use a calling card - I don't hold it against you though
I don't think you're square, no you're alright
You may think it's over now, but the best is yet to come
Don't ever think about the things this keeps you from
It's been months, yet I remain faithful
You say you fight alot - Maybe you should never tie the knot
He sounds to me like a total chode
But July is comin soon - And I'm gonna see you soon
But country never did anything for me
Sorry so short - Don't you think I'm a dork - It's O.K.
I didn't think you'd write back anyway
Wallet girl I want you - Wallet girl I need you
Wallet girl don't cry yet - 'Cause our clocks have been set
Wallet girl don't think he cares, don't think he's been fair
Do you want some ham and cheese
If you do then just say please
You've never been a selfish one - Everytime I see a star
I remember you are far - Away and that you are not mine

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