"Someone New" lyrics


"Someone New"

My girl found someone new, so why can't I?
Losing feelings that I had for this girl
Now it's time (now it's time) to see the whole world
Take a picture, what it's like, it's like a brand new day
Feeling lost with out a love, now it's not for me
Find a lady who can dot my I's and cross my T's
Got my memories but that shits not the same.....
It's not the same
When exactly did you lose the sparkle in your eye
All this time never ever seems to wanna go by
Waste away through April, May, June & July
Gotta a whole lot of lovin'
But not a lady friend to take it from me (take it from me)
I can't let all this lovin' go
All I need, All I want, All I ask for is a hot chick to dig on
She's a moving on, right on and that's no lie

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