"Young Girl" lyrics


"Young Girl"

[Chorus: x2]
We were young girls in a small world
I'm on your doorstep man
Ringing your bell again
Ringing your bell again

I'm sorry Gerti Rouge all that you're through
Looking for love that never stabbed your heart
And probably never will
It's a lie when you are telling the truth
It's the truth when you are telling a lie
Spread your legs then get down on your knees
And pray it never happens again

[Chorus x2]

Well here I am on your doorstep again
I let the winds of time pass through my life
Maybe there's an end
Who the fuck protects you?
Who the fuck is going to resurrect you?
It's a sorrowed truth the truth is not a lie
Come on up baby
Don't go and burn in the fire

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