"Lights Out" lyrics


"Lights Out"

I'm further than a mess. My emotions are just madness.
And everything he said to me was miles from the truth.
The ocean makes a crashing sound but I'm so furious.
What seems distant is washing up right here.

The lights are swinging above my head.
Envelope in my hand but it's nothing I haven't read.

You heard the story on the news after she called you from the corner.
She didn't seem so well but you hadn't cared at all.
Flashing lights filled your front lawn.
Now you really wished you never got involved.

The lights are swinging above your head.
Envelope in your hand but it's nothing you haven't read.

It's a catalyst of awkward situations.
Keep your mouth shut and you can't cause no harm.
Is it all so true? Or is it just ridiculous?
what seems real fails to be pointed out.

The lights are swinging above our heads.
Envelopes in our hands.

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