"My Girls" lyrics


"My Girls"

I’d like to complain I think someone should explain it
But it’s happened to me twice I can’t say that I was wrong
I have to choose one of you but I think it’s not working out
I have to look more inside down my life isn’t going trough

Both of them were used to be my only self esteem
They were so nice but I’ve got nothing
There’s no future and I’ll be losing someone
But I still have one to be my girl friend
Who always settles here to be my guidance
they’re getting my heart away

I need it, you need it, something to believe in
I love them, cause I want to, I trust to what I’m thinking
So I choose the girls I want they’re pretty it’s not for sure
I guess they wont stop for nothing..

I will not forget the first time we were going out
Even their friends were coming us
it’s funny stupid day I wonder I can go out there again
With them one I’ll be lucky guy ever and never end
no one have the same

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