"Marion" lyrics



When you said you’d be leaving in Australia
I thought that I was going to miss you by now
Then you said it’s alright
I’ll be gone for a while
I’ve got nothing to say

How much time do I have before you’re leaving me
There’s hope that we can do it one more time
At your place work it out
8 o’clock that’s alright
by then we won’t have another day

Marion I wanna be with you
Drive a long way to see the view
Maybe you’ll change your mind
Your daddy left, your mom has gone too

It’s doesn’t take time too long
If you would open your heart
We can take all of our friends
Just let it go you won’t be sorry

Don’t worry we’ll be fine as we used to be
I promise that I’ll be waiting here for you
Are you set? We will start
With a kiss on your lips you’ll be ready to leave me

(Marion I… I wanna be with you… don’t go away too far…
cause I don’t want to be lonely on my bed)

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