"In The Time Of Chimpanzees I Was A Chimpanzee" lyrics


"In The Time Of Chimpanzees I Was A Chimpanzee"

I never did agreed that it's a sin
but a bullet in the head ain't
no way to live and
kinda glad I never had the guts
cause this ain't no dream but it's close enough

I've always been kinda fucked in the head
but I never really did have it all that bad
three squares, a mom, and a dad
but the truth is I never did liked myself
which tends to make the living kinda rough
as if being young wasn't hard enough
but it's the perfect recipe for making a punk

They say it's all how you grew up
Chemicals and all that junk
I just say some of us have all the luck
through bloodshot mornings and low wage days
Somehow I managed to find my way
But it wasn't cause of any of those things
See some are meant to live and some to fade away

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