"Electric Kitty" lyrics


"Electric Kitty"

I can't believe those days
It seems like such a haze
Of cigarette smoke and alcohol
It was hard to leave it then
Now it's just idol wind
And you were there to catch my fall
I wasn't a dream or even what you need
But I promise to be it now

If you decide to stick around

I don't need to be So damn angry
To fend off, all these enemies
Now I finally Don't have to be the life of a the party
To know there is someone who cares for me
Oh how things have changed
And even you just has to be amazed

You decide to stick around

I don't care of the longevity of Kodak high fidelity
I don't need plastic memories bombarding all my walls
Let's through them all to the floor and tomorrow make one thousand more

If you decide to stick around

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