"Buttermilk Sundae 1-2-3-4" lyrics


"Buttermilk Sundae 1-2-3-4"

Young and strong
Shred of confidence unfounded
I was leading with my chin
Never knew a better way than this
It was 1995
I had yet to take a fall
And I was just cannon fodder
For The wider World

So I traveled far from home
chasing dreams and fleeing daemons
Ended up an empty drunken shell within
Three years of freedom
It was 1997 I had fallen hard and often
And I'd lost my battle
With the wider World

So I went back home
Maybe bent a little broken
Ready to start my life again
Maybe do it a little better this time
It was 1999 I had got back up again
And I'd be damned if I'd be
Beaten by the wider World.

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