"Bad Kitty" lyrics


"Bad Kitty"

Can't believe those days
It seems like such a haze
Of cigarettes and alcohol

It was so different then
Now it's just idol wind
And you were there to catch my fall

I wasn't a dream or even what you need but I
Promise to be it now
If you decide to stick around

I don't need to be so damn angry
To fend off all these enemies
And I finally see I don't need to be the life of the party
To know there is someone who cares for me

Oh how things have changed
And even you just has to be amazed
You decided to stick around

I don't care of the longevity of Kodak high fidelity
I don't need plastic memories bombarding all my walls
Just throw them all to the floor
And tomorrow make one thousand more
If you decide to stick around

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