"Highway Robbery" lyrics


"Highway Robbery"

I’ve got a way of seeing things
Way too many of these American dream things
At least I got a way of making ends meet
I’ve got a way for messing things up
I’ve got a way for making things up in my head
A little too hectic a little too rushed
I’ve gotten the creeps to tell you the truth
At the moment I feel uninspired
I’ve got a way with words I guess
Got a wayward guest sleeping in my bed
I hope someway it’ll fall in line
Gotta waste a little less time
Got a way of the gun type of lifestyle lately
I’m back on my feet, there’s feet on my back
And that’s been weighing me down
Cause that’s just my way of justifying
I’ve gotta weigh out the pros and cons
Wade in this pool of new ideas
So anchors away, gonna wake up every morning with a smile on my face
Do you know what that feels like
Well it feels like and it feels like
I got away with highway robbery

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