"Pack Your Bags" lyrics


"Pack Your Bags"

It’s been two days and uh-uh-oh,
I miss you more than you could know.
You’re a block away,
But I’ve never felt so far from home and…

Since 21 this hearts been dark...
You float on in; Ignite a spark.
Light up my world, as the clouds...
Part of you won't ever get it.

I get this, we fell a long way down.
I get this, we've come a long way now.

And we’ll eat take out in the back seat,
Make out to the slow beat of a song we knew,
Back when we were 17.
Drive home; take the long way.
Go slow, we’ve only one day.
Give up the life you knew.
Pack your bags we’re never going back.

C-c-c-come on over, bring the cookie dough.
Curl up in bed, watch The Cleveland Show.
Wake up in love together,
To a lovely day with lovely weather.

After 7 years you think we’d catch a break,
The world don’t want us to work,
Our friends think we’re a mistake,
So does your dad quite likely…
And I’m pretty sure your mum don’t like me.

It’s hotter out here than anytime of year,
It’s hotter out here again.
Once colder out here, you brightened up the year.
Now it’s hotter out here again.
And one more time…

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