"Osaka Sundown" lyrics


"Osaka Sundown"

This cigarette is done,
The flowers all are dead.
This train is off it's tracks.
A bullet in the head.
Another thousand miles,
With bitter, forced out smiles.
We fade away.
I'm putting down the gun,
I've said what needs be said,
Keep thinking about all our fondest memories that we shared.
Well, I don't need them.
It's been a longtime.
Here's to forever!

The sun beats down,
I'll see you round,
Forever's still forever.
The sun beats down,
I'll see you round my friend.
I'll see you around the bend.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
It's gibberish not words.
I don't wanna listen back,
To reasons for the hurt.
Another thousand years,
It's funny how time flies,
As we decay.
Don't wanna stay in touch,
Don't wanna hear a plead,
And I don't wanna share the same air that you breathe.
Coz I don't need you.
Wont for a longtime.
Maybe forever.

I’d say you’ve bitten off of more than you can chew.
You’ve burnt all bridges, all foundations under you.
I’m done repeating, always meeting half way too…
You’ve had your last chance say your goodbyes…
I’ll see you around the bend.

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