"Heart Still Beating" lyrics


"Heart Still Beating"

Pick me up the worst is over.
The worlds still spinning round; mine’s just slower.
Bleeding myself dry just to show her.
Without you in my life I’m sinking lower down.

You can’t stop the world here from spinning round,
But you sure stop my world.

And I’ll be there, my back against the wall.
Heart still beating.
I’ll be there to catch you when you fall.
And carry you away.
When no one’s there at all.
Heart still beating.
And I’ll be there when you’re gone.

Dust me off, the worlds not ending.
I’m not saying I’m alright, but I’m done pretending.
Hang up the phone again, said you can’t do this.
I watched our hearts collide, and I can’t lose this now.

Come take a huge leap of faith, and fall inside a mistake.
I’ll be the air that you breathe; no I’m not letting you leave.
And if you believe well then there’s no need for luck.
Or if you crawl up and die, I’ll c-c-crawl up and die.
Coz baby I’m done with all these sick little games.
So take a huge leap of faith, and fall inside a mistake.
Coz this hearts still got a beat…

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