"No Reason" lyrics


"No Reason"

Fighting for another cause. Don't know what I'm fighting for. Grand illusions in my head. Surrounded by the colour red. Hate is what they breed in me. Never known my sanity. Please get me out of here. Kill to cover up my fear. Waiting in this shallow grave. Pretending I'm so very brave. Don't know what the reason why. Have to take my turn and die. Cant tell if this is real or dream. Deep inside I want to scream. Frightened by the world outside. The way I feel I have to hide. Wash away my sins with blood. Leave the corpses in the mud. I'm reaching out. Please take my hand. Lead me to the promised land. Ready and willing to take my place. Marching with the master race. Don't pass me by. We've done our deeds. And now you leave me here to bleed. Suddenly it all comes clear. Now I know why I am here. Blinkers lifting from my eyes. Waking up to so much lies. I cant take it any more. Satan knocking at my door. Hatred rushing through my veins. Looking where to lay the blame.

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