"Eyes To See" lyrics


"Eyes To See"

You don't know what its like to be trapped inside a shell, to be blinded by the darkness and the light as well. You think that you have problems, when with your sight you cannot see, oh why oh god oh please oh god why did you pick me. You don't know what its like to be trapped inside a cage, never to see a smiling face but its you who feels the pain, to see the sky so blue and the grass below so green but what is blue I ask myself, for I have never seen... Your world is full of suffering and death that you have caused, its you who is the blinded for my brain has stopped to pause, but I can see the suffering admitted from your greed, I think my friend that you're the one who needs the eyes to see. So let me lend my sight to you and the blood shed may cease for in my blindness darkness I have my world of peace.

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