"Belfast" lyrics



A telegram through the post
says sorry your son is dead
he was only doing his duty
when he got a bullet through his head.

He was standing in a doorway just sheltering from the rain
His death was instantaneous he wouldn't have felt the pain.

He was only doing his duty
for a country he thought was great
but he didn't seem to realise
its built purely out of hate.

His parents mourn his wife breaks down his children scream and cry.
A soldier lies dead in Belfast and a nation wonders why!

Are you looking for the answer?
cause you really don't have a clue!
You're taught to support the colors of the red the white the blue.

As the death toll rises in Belfast
new war strategies are declared
if it wasn't for all the killings
would the feelings not be shared?

Thanks to Sneaky Hobo for these lyrics

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