"The Down Low" lyrics


"The Down Low"

We cleaned bottles off the carpet and stains from where they spilt
I found change in the couch, felt something change in myself
Irregular beating and constant mistreating, twisted up in knots,
and every second since I feel more lost

I hope this helps you sleep at night

Make sure to take two a day, prescribed songs to keep me sane,
but it doesn't work the same using melodies to medicate my mind
Every golden hook we had has turned to rust
Your burnt cd's are collecting dust and hidden behind them are the

Envelopes with no address filled with secrets best kept on the low, down low

And your voice still resonates through the hallways at my place,
and it's still concave to the left of where I lay
Soft like the shores of the Atlantic where we stretched out our feet,
I never would think that it could kill me underneath

I hope this helps you sleep at night
I hope this helps

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