"Some Time Alone" lyrics


"Some Time Alone"

Time has a sick way of picking up speed through each year
I fear where my path may lead
Have you lost it? Have you lost it? Have you lost your mind yet?
I've picked up my spirits since you packed up
and I've turned my thoughts away from your nightly whereabouts,
these lines were the last thing I cared about

My bad again, I'll pretend this could have been prevented
Endless basement nights, brown faulty eyes like the soiled ocean

Turn around turn around is what you should have said,
too late to change but not to start again
My only logic is to pretend,
look to the clouds and make the world I'm in

My head seems to be picking on me
in keeping thoughts on where you might be
I haven't lost my head just yet
I've been talking myself into believing the talks we had
were more than things you didn't mean
and that you never meant a thing

Does it make me childish to hold on to silly things
if so I'll stay this young and keep my memories
My feet were meant to move forward

Have you lost it?

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