"Record Breaker" lyrics


"Record Breaker"

I would give up my spine to breath in the air of that parking lot
with promise held to our face like the fog by our socks
We shed light like a window, we had hope for tomorrow
Unbreakable we were, unbreakable I still am

I would like to thank you for reminding me
that I was dependent on your comfort for far too long
You say that you moved on and left me behind,
then how is it that I'm running ahead with my back to you?

And you gave me your word that you would stick around even through the worst
So I made you my words, I sang them to the world just to show how much I cared
You've got some nerve showing your face around this place
And you've got some nerve thinking I'd wait around

I would give up my spine, the one you claim I didn't have,
to feel the mist against my skin again
Unbreakable we were, unbreakable I still am
I believed you then, before I believed in myself

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