"Lazy Boy" lyrics


"Lazy Boy"

Quit, commit
You owe it to yourself
To make a mindful choice
Don't be scared
You owe it to yourself
Make a mindful choice

Yes I'd like to believe
But there's no truth in that voice

Tell me what I wanna hear
Didn't factor my realistic frustration

It's not fair

So many thoughts to compress
Hurting my head
And things are only getting worse

Lazy boy, oh lazy boy

Turn off that tv
Your life's a redline, simply excite yourself
Don’t barricade your mind
Trust in something or just take the dive
Your life's on the line so save yourself

Often lost in space
Or somewhere in the middle
At least I know real life's not written on the back of a pill
Though others embrace it
Follow the faceless
Ask yourself when not to fake it

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