"The Right Time" lyrics


"The Right Time"

I can feel it getting closer, and the timing isn't right. It's time to go our own ways. Time to say goodbye. Scared when we are lonely, and alone when we grow. I can't justify these actions, so I'll let you go. Out of step, out of line. Who cares who was right? Push it to the limit. When the goal is out of sight. This scar's a reminder. A wrong chord, a wrong note. There's ways I can fix it, but not this time so... I'll see you later. Now's not the right time. (The right time at all) We've run out of time, this scar's a reminder. We've run out of time, who cares who was right? Out of time, out of mind, out of sight. Time to go our own ways, because we've run out of time.

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