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We had so much fun just always in the backyard. You know just what to say, and when I see that expression if you would say be mine I would be yours, too. But, I guess we're too weak, and now what can I do? It gets so dark at night. Darker than I remember. Hope everything will be alright. What will I do this September without you here? I'd love to hear from you. Now your voice sounds like a razor. Should've had a clean shave, but maybe things will turn out better.When I see you there it's just another lesson. I remember the fun times we had, but this future just keeps me guessing. It gets so cold at night. Colder than I remember. I want to hold you tight. What will I do this December without you here? Peel back the bottle caps and smoke another cigarette. I can't stop my mind from thinking. I know I really want you back, but I'm not ready yet and I can't get over it while I'm drinking. DRINKING.

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