"Round Two" lyrics


"Round Two"

Finally worked up the nerve to say a few words to your face. You were always on my mind, now you're on your way to my place. First time we met I lost my breath before you ever said a word. Now in a crowded room you're the only voice I even heard. Love is a battle with no reward. To win is only temporary. Like every time you get the last word (you may have won this time but next time we'll see who gets the last word). Six months in to it now and things aren't quite the same. You know too much about me and we both grow tired of one another's games, but we let it slide and buckle up for a bumpy ride. Even though we grew out of love, you never grew out of being by my side. What went wrong? Is it time for us to just move on? You were my purpose for holding on in this cold, hard life. Now you're my reason for throwing in the towel. Someone had to stop this bloody fight. Someone had to stop this stupid, dirty, ugly, messy, bloody fight.

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