"Plastic Wings" lyrics


"Plastic Wings"

I head due north on my plastic wings. Five hundred miles an hour. Dwelling on the little things. My weakness is your power. Can't stand to feel my heart. A lonely drum beat droning. How can we be apart? Stripped down to late night phoning. I'll have to learn to fight the lonely nights. It just doesn't seem right. A toast to you and me above the sea on this miserable flight. Can't stand to see your face. Your picture just betrays me. Can't stand to see this place. This room annihilates me. Your memory cuts like a knife. You scarred my brain forever. Am I doomed to a lonely life? I hope one day we'll be together. It takes all I have to give to live through every day without you. I curse these wings for flying me away from everything that I know is true in you. Miss you so much I hate you.

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