"I Hate You When You're Sleeping" lyrics


"I Hate You When You're Sleeping"

Sometimes I wish that I could climb inside a cave and die. Seems I can't anywhere no matter how hard I try. Is there something deep inside me striving to explode and set me straight? Or am I just another hopeless victim who will never know his fate? I don't know if I missed the bus to the right place, but I'm wrong again, and that always seems to be the case. When will I figure out just what I need to get my head out of the past? I don't know why I dwell on all the stupid shit I've ever done. Instead of living I'm just shutting out everyone. I rot away inside these pages talking only to myself. The demon that's inside me rages; preying on my mental health. I just can't get myself out of this rut I fell into. I need to stop wasting my time sending my brain to outer space. Before I lose my mind I better find my place.

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