"Day In The Life Of Joel" lyrics


"Day In The Life Of Joel"

Chillin' in Salisbury on the corner of Oldstone. Gotta go out tonight and get some beer. Natalie called me this morning. She was buggin' out. I said to her that, "I don't care. I'm chillin'." Rolled out of bed; put on my hat went downstairs; yelled at my dad. Didn't have no butts, so I had to go. Got in my car; drove to Texaco. Didn't have my brand. I got so pissed. Got on the phone; called up Chris. Sometimes I wonder, haven't I suffered enough. It's just a day in the life of Joel. Got my bait; my rod. Gonna catch me some bass. Well, tonight I hope I catch a piece of ass. Went to Liberty Lunch to get some 40s for my friends. I'm the only one with a fake I.D. Sometimes I wonder, am I having too much fun?

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