"The Indians" lyrics


"The Indians"

Performed as Duane Peters And The Hunns

These Years of war upon myself have haunted me
cowboys and actors have left me in the ditch my best to you and yers
I've got no dignity, kicked me in the head 'cuz I'm an Indian.
The Holy Ghost, a Birthday toast a broken nose,
liver cirrhosed nobody wants to pick me up
I'm cold I'm all alone Yes,
I'm the bum you just kicked down the road.
Huckle Berry Finn and Tom Sawyer did me in Chuck and firewater
my only two companions Mutiny on the Bounty kept playin'
on the screen kick me in the head 'cuz I'm an Indian.
You know that I forgive, but won't forget there's nothing worse
than being left for dead fuck the Governor and fuck the government
Chief Sitting Bullshit Detection.

Thanks to Acie Miller for these lyrics

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