"Passing Out" lyrics


"Passing Out"

Performed as Duane Peters And The Hunns

I ran and jumped off that cliff today started up that car
before it broke again the sky is gonna fall
I'm flooded by the sea hang outs are empty, everyone's to blame.
Swimmin' at the flats of Cleveland captain burns the day
cussin' at the senator, and his wife in Jersey
crawlin' every dive in Texas,
never big premiums all day for a buck,
tavern twin cities. Angels of Bowery ditch anthem memories
they've walked all over me-me,
I lost my place. I'm passin' out just passin' through.
I close my eyes, I dream of a better place
I hope heaven's doors ain't closed, I'll break and entry
the bar cop at Amato's she's mace in my face
ate all my vegetables in a Bloody Mary.

Thanks to Acie Miller for these lyrics

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