"Ellen 45" lyrics


"Ellen 45"

Performed as Duane Peters And The Hunns

What do you when they're dead cuz' when yer dead
I won't know why 'til we meet again
'cuz when yer dead the morning wakes full of phoney friends
'cuz when yer dead ya won't come back to the rose you left
'cuz when yer dead ya closed that book on a page unread.
Ellen of the Netherlands a soul inside of the paint you left
Ellen of the Netherlands your eyes they light up the skies
don't close your eyes.
Say hello to Jak and Pat to Joel, Bill, Todd and Brit.
I know that your lookin' after the kids they never had a chance
a picture falls off the wall in the hall
I know that yer the wind blessed passage on you
went sacred as yer breath.

Thanks to Acie Miller for these lyrics

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