"Off-Duty Sailor" lyrics


"Off-Duty Sailor"

You got it right
We move tonight
It ain't no big deal
Its par for us
Got bars to bust
Grab a gun and hit the hills and hit the hills

Back in the streets
I feel the heat
Like a Texas Summer
Look at the gun
Lets have some fun
Off Duty Sailor

I'm feeling lazy
Lets get drunk and go crazy

Me and a friend
We’re full of gin
The park is blurry
I smell a cop
My gun is cocked
My tongue is furry
I’m in a dress
Oh what a mess
My gun is pistol?

Go grab your clothes
Its time to go
Off Duty Sailor

I'm feeling crazy
My memory is hazy


You know I really felt like cumming
Believe me I still feel wet
Not like a morning dew
Not like a summer rain
Its like I got hit with your bullet or something
I must have got shot
Shot! Shot!

I'm feeling crazy
My memory is hazy
My ship it is going
I guess I better start rowing

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