"Manny, Moe And Jack" lyrics


"Manny, Moe And Jack"

When your on the road
and your car wont pull that load
and your wheels aren't feeling fine
Well I know of this joint
where they'll check your plugs and points
I know these guys they're three good friends of mine

Manny Moe and Jack
They know what I'm after
Manny Moe and Jack
They Know what I'm after
They're Manny Moe and Jack

Once your inside
they wont take you for a ride
they got a good deal for you and your automobile
for the right price
they will sell you fuzzy dice
and leather hand grips for your steering whee-al


If its tires you want they got a lot for you
Dunlop, Firestone, Pirelli too

[x8] Many Moe and Jack!
They know what I'm after

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