"Transparent Creed" lyrics


"Transparent Creed"

you preach with such conviction
but your life mirrors contradiction
daddy foots the bills
as you live a life of priveleged frills
buying hair dye with mommy's visa card
yet you bitch that life is so hard
with a punker-than-thou attitude
you hide behind a facade to elude

You're a simple book to read
with your transparent creed
Your facade recedes
to your front-we do heed.

sent to an ivy league school
only to come out a corporate fool
one day sporting daddy's benz
next day your politi-punk stance condescends
your opinions are ineffectual
you're a phoney pseudo-intellectual
out to prove yourself with verbal affrays
but your prescence here is just a phase


you make attempts to theorize
with motives contrived to criticize
you'll find ways to falsly justify your guise
to explain to yourself your lies
you'll be gone in two years-an accurate prediction
and elsewhere you'll live out a life of fiction
family money affords your fleeting radical views
but nothing can buy you true virtues

[Repeat 1st Verse]
[Chorus x2]

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