"The Wicked Heart" lyrics


"The Wicked Heart"

I was young and so naive
wearing my heart on my sleeve
and so I gave it to you
now left in pieces like broken jewels
you just up and left me here
for rot-gut gin and cheap beer
but I'm over crying and into fits
sad to see you go, you piece of shit

I have a wicked heart because of you
now hate is all that I can do
I have a wicked heart because of you
now hate is all I'll ever do

endless tears I cried for years
your endless bottoms of empty beers
smiling with your drink in hand
to think I once called you a "real man"
i was always 2nd best, but what could I do?
when you loved a bottle and I loved YOU


it makes me sick to think I cared
knowing you were never there
and you'll go on, what will you be?
never again a part of me
with empty hearts and open hands
you will hold your tainted stance
remember me when you fall apart
because you gave me this wicked heart

[Chorus x2]

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