"Pseudo-Personality" lyrics



You pick out some friends and to them you'll cling
Then you wait and see who next week will bring
You choose your friends wisely to take you to the top
you climb the social ladder and don't know when to stop

Suck 'em in and spit them out
thats what you're all about
The time will come, won't be long
people will notice somethings' going wrong
Shit on people and they soon will see
you have a pseudo-personality

You stumbled into punk and saw your way in
doing anything you could to fit in
You lead people on and they fall in your trap
you get what you need and you leave them flat


You're outta control and all I've got to say
is what goes around comes around one day
One step at a time you're knocking people down
look at your nose-its turning brown


It won't be long, just wait and see
people are gonna' notice how fake you can be
Their gonna' realize you're nothing but a fluke
stop what you're doing-you're making people puke

[Chorus x2]

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