"Disappointed" lyrics



There used to be a time when I thought you were a friend
There used to be a time when the fun would never end
Here one day, gone the next
Forget the past, it's the best bet
Friendly faces, turned insane
Don't take it personally, it was them who changed

Disappointed in every way, every time i see you,
you turn away
Disappointed in every way, every time I see you,
you don't know what to say
Every time i see you, it's a different way to be
The way i look at you, the way you look at me
You piss me off with the way you are
What a disappointment even though i'm so far
away is where i want to live
Because I always knew you had nothing to give

Chance after chance to be a man
You let me down, and this is how I stand
I don't understand the things you do
I don't understand what you're trying to prove
To a later day I hold the future
But I know that nothing good will suit you.

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