"Who's Gonna Save You Now" lyrics


"Who's Gonna Save You Now"

Keeping folks hungry and grateful for nothing
In the name of prosperity
Squeeze every dollar and choke every dime when you got nothing,
nothing's for free
Some say that this isn't living
Others wanna know the truth
It's hard to see the light when you stay blind

There are no winners just survivors and losers
Which one is better in the end
As long as there is money to back up this power
This condition is gonna end
You may say I'm a liar
You can say I have no hope
But either way its the way it is for now

The middle is gone
It's the same sad song beat down and mangled to death
A war of attrition brutal and real
It won't stop till it's had its last breath
Everything's coming undone
No one is left untouched
Divided by fear who's gonna save you now

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