"Gentleman Of The Road" lyrics


"Gentleman Of The Road"

Featuring Tim Armstrong

I could go out like pretty boy Floyd
With a crime spree three states wide
Or I could be like Bonnie Parker
Sitting shotgun next to Clyde
Women smoke and drink in a speak easy club
But I ain't got no money for them
Gonna hop on a steam freight slow but free
Leaves about two A.M.

I'm no gentleman of the road
I'm a vagabond and a thief
I'm a con man and a hustle
And I'm looking only out for me

Stock prices slump and black tuesday dumps
And wall street lays an egg
And the bank closed there doors and the white house is poor
Even rich folks gotta beg
No ones ressesion proof
No ones depression proof
We all got cut down to our knees
Let's just say I got a set of skills
That can get me anything I need

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