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I knew this time would come, replacing me,
and in my place your side of me.
Pass me the script.
Something I might say.
I won't get this right but I'll try again.
Consider me a link to your past un-phased and unchanging. .
Right or wrong we made our choices and I see where you stand now.
Well, I guess it's easy to fell lost
and needy when you need a hand and then there's no one around.
Reality brakes and clarity fades when you find you're alone in your own crowd.
And now I have one, one and only,
here from the beginning I've got to press on,
cuz when I'm right you're wrong and now your right
and wrong no longer impose any consequence.
Never felt so good to be so down.
The opposition is me and I like it.
Fair-weather friends fend for yourselves.
No need, to go you're already gone.
Consider these words our very last.
Consider these words your last chance.
Face it you missed, now taste my fist.
I'm a passive man but I'm sick of it.
I'd rather be hated than be missed.
I'd rather be alone than sink with you.
I guess I was wrong to trust an invitation to the world of loss.
We're right or wrong here.
We're right or wrong no in between,
no exceptions and I like it.
It's never been so easy.

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